How to effectively get rid of lizards in the home

The common lizards that are often seen in homes are not a serious threat to human health but, when you have lizards in your home it can be a bit unsettling. Since they are a little bigger than bugs, it means that there are large enough openings somewhere in your home that they use to enter. It is very important to note where these openings are and fix them.

If lizards now call your house a home these simple items that you may already have in your pantry can help to get them out. If you don’t have them they are easily purchased at any grocery store. They are also very cost effective and require little effort from you. Remember, don’t let any other lizards in after you get these ones out.

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Use naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls or moth balls are not just a repellent for lizards but other pest as well and they are available at any store. You can place them in wardrobes, under sinks and under large appliances.

Use garlic or onions

Yes, this sound really weird, but believe it or not lizards hate the scent of garlic. Hanging garlic cloves in the home will drive them away. Alternatively, you can spray garlic juice in areas where lizards are prone to or you could place the garlic cloves in corners or entrances of the home. Onions also repels lizards and can be used in the same ways as the garlic. But if you don’t like the idea of your home smelling like garlic or onions all the time there are other methods you can try.

Black pepper spray

You will need red chili powder, crushed black pepper and water. Spray this solution all around the house including corners, around windows and other entrances of the home. Any lizard daring to come into your home will run away and never look back after the application of this solution.

Enough with the smelly stuff

If you have no intention of harming the little buggers (even though they have no right to come into your home) there are simple nonlethal methods to keep them outside where they better serve as natural pest control.

When you see a lizard in your home, you can spray it with cold water. This will render it immobile for just a little while then you can trap it and take it outside. You may even use the cardboard box trick. Actually there is no trickery at all in this method, and it will in no way harm the lizard. Simply corner it, and trap it in a cardboard box and once it is secure take it outside and set it free.

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Lizards are natural pest control

Lizards are natural pest control agents so killing them should always be a last resort. Flypaper can be used to trap the lizards, but it usually injures or kills them. You can place the paper around windows and doors, and remember to check them frequently to immediately remove any lizards that become stuck.

Again it cannot be stressed enough that killing lizards should be a last resort as they are very beneficial to the environment. A combination of coffee and tobacco powder can be used to make balls, then place them in places where lizards frequent. The balls will either repel them or the lizard might ingest it and die.



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