Operation Bed Bugs Out- Getting Ready to Exterminate

While preparing to exterminate your home for bed bugs, there are a few important things to remember. Never move any items that you believe might be infested- this increases the risk that the infestation will spread throughout the home or to another home if the item is moved there.

If there are clothing items that you think might not be infested, wash and dry them in temperatures over 120 degrees, bed bugs can’t survive this heat. De-clutter and vacuum your home before extermination, and move furniture like couches, beds, and dressers about 30cm away from walls. This ensures that the exterminator will spray in all cracks and crevasses. If you decide to throw out any infested furniture, dismantle it so that nobody will pick it up and infest their home.

Read full article >> Operation Bedbugs Out – Getting Ready to Exterminate


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