How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Squashing a single cockroach on the floor is easy, but what would you do if you came across an entire army of roaches?  How can you get rid of them? Should you launch an all out attack on those nasty insects? Should you just scream, jump on the table and just try to pretend they are no there?

Don’t allow roaches to be the ruler in your kingdom. If roaches have infested your home it is time to stand firm and get rid of them.

Tips To Get Rid of Cockroaches

These insects live and flourish in unclean conditions where they can get food and water easily. So, as a way of getting rid these invaders ensure that they have no access to food or water.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Be sure they have no Access to food.

  • Food should be stored in tight jars and containers

Ensure that all food is stored in tight jars and containers. If these containers are left open cockroaches will feed on what is stored in them and never want to leave.

  • Keep a clean space

No food also includes food crumbs. Be sure you clean up after you eat. At times while eating we may drop small bits of crumbs on the floor, those crumbs are enough for roaches to eat and live on. Try to wipe the countertops and the table regularly, also vacuum floors frequently. This way you maintain a sanitary environment and cut off the roach’s food supply.

  • Do not let Dirty Dishes Stay in the Sink

If you have the habit of letting the dishes stay the night in the sink, that needs to change. Letting unwashed dishes stay overnight is certainly one of the most significant reasons behind infestations in houses. Be sure that you wash eating utensils and all your dishes after eating. If that is done there will be absolutely nothing for the roaches to feast on.

  • Choose Paint Instead of Wallpaper

Roaches like starchy substances like wallpaper glue. In case they can’t find any other food roaches can easily survive on it. Therefore always go for paint over wallpaper. However, if your home is already wallpapered seal all air bubbles and repair loose spots preventing roaches from going in and feeding on the paste.

Get Rid of their Favorite Places to Hide

  • Seal Cracks and Crevices

Seal small holes, cracks, moldings and crevices in your home using caulk. Small gaps and cracks in the wall are a definite hiding place for cockroaches. Therefore, do not hesitate to seal up these openings.

  • Clean up the Mess

Hoarding useless, old and broken items including clothes or furniture is also a bad idea. Since cockroaches can take advantage of the clutter and use it as their home it is best to get rid of the junk.

  • Ensure that the Trash Can Stays Covered and Empty the Garbage Before Bed

Never leave the trash can open; if you do you will surely see these creatures doing their dance in and around your bin. They love to hang out in places like that. To stop your bin from becoming cockroach central be sure to use a trash can that can be covered easily. Also, be sure not to let the trash stay in overnight.

Get Rid of Their Water Source

  • Repair Leaking Pipes and Taps and Clean the Drains

Remember sink drains collect food particles which attract pests and serves as an ideal breeding ground. So be sure that you keep the drains clean that way you prevent creating a cockroach haven. Moist areas tend to harbor cockroaches so try to fix any leaking tap or pipe.

Use Powerful Ultra Sonic Repellents and Insect Killing Chemicals

You may need to use powerful insect killing chemicals and repellents if there is a large infestation. Powerful chemicals and repellants such as boric acid, diatomaceous earth, Guardian Pest Repeller and Pest Repeller Ultimate AT are used to repel and kill these crawling home invaders. These substances are very powerful so do not forget to take safety precautions.

Phone a Professional Exterminator

If you want a quick and long term solution to get rid of these creepy pests it is best to get a profession to handle the issue. With the needed experience, skill and tools they will provide a lasting solution to your pest problem.


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