How to Get Rid of Bats

Have bats invaded your home? Just how can you get rid of them and be certain they stay away? And how can you get them out without killing them? Given below, is comprehensive information on you can get rid of bats from your house for good.

Fixing your bat problem is not a simple job, especially when you are the only one suffering from it. You may always seek an expert for this task, but if you’re bent on getting it done on your own, then hats off to you. You must stay determined since getting rid of bats will not be as easy as it may sound. Let us get down to business and find out how to eradicate bats without the help of an expert.

Step 1:

First inspect each room in your house completely for any traces. Try to find their point of entry. Maybe it is an open window in the attic, a hole in the roof, etc. When their entry point is found, you will need to follow the ‘breadcrumbs’ to find where they lead you to.

The trail will take you to that particular area in your house where they have sought refuge. Try and find out the harm, if any, they caused and also which species have moved into your home.

Bats have the propensity to fly away and back frequently, from dusk till daybreak. They often rest in tight places that could keep them comfortable and toasty which in many situations are attics. Plus, they do not typically emerge into the open and favor sticking on or hang onto beams or walls.

However, prior to attempting to remove them from your house, be sure you ascertain which species you are ‘housing’. This can help you cope with them better.

Step 2:

When you have bats living in your home, one thing is certain, your dwelling has a number of entry points. These may be gaps or holes. Find them all immediately. Seal them all, except major ones. Now you just have to do away with the pesky creatures already in your home.

Stage 3:

This is the exclusion stage. In this phase install a one-way device for exclusion in the bats key point of entry/ exit.

There are various types that may be used like screening, netting, funnels, or cones. The form of apparatus you use is dependent on the construction of your house. The unit must be set perfectly, so the bats can simply fly out during the night, without any trouble.

Then you just need to readjust the apparatus so they can’t return into the house.

This seems quite easy but pulling it off is actually a bit challenging. Your timing will need to be spot on. It’s crucial to get it correct the very first time, or you may face a world of pain, which you truly wish to avoid.

Step 4:

After the bats are out and you have ensured that they cannot fly back in, now is the right time to check and recheck that none is left inside. When you are absolutely sure that no bat is left in the house, then it is time to secure your home. Then seal off all entry points. Repair your house, to ensure no bat may ever enter your property again. Bats have an excellent memory, so they are going to try to find an opening back in your house; don’t give them a chance to find one. Thoroughly assess and fix your house that way you do not give bats a way to reenter your home. They cannot bite or claw their way back in once the gap is filled up, which means you can live a bat free life.

Step 5:

Finally, cleanup! Bat droppings are a nightmare to deal with. Though you have gotten these winged creatures out of your house, you may have to deal with the mess that remains. Bat dropping can cause damage to the floor and walls. If left for a long time, the wood will get corroded and mold will form on the walls all of which can negatively affect you health. To prevent all of that it is best to get it cleaned up as soon as you get rid of those pesky bats.

Having followed through with these steps thoroughly and faithfully you will be able to live a healthy, happy and especially bat free life. Remember, though, that this is no easy task, you must be careful.


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